Cynical Stifling of Innovative HIV/AIDS Vaccine Research

By Zachary Barnett I founded Abzyme Research Foundation (ARF) to help advance the eradication of HIV/AIDS. New ideas that shift prevailing paradigms inevitably create conflicts with the status quo. Galileo dared assert that the Earth revolves around the Sun, but as his empirical observations were the first indication that the prevailing dogma was wrong, there […]


August 31st, 2017

Working with Sia, Julianne Moore, Zoe Saldana, and Ryan Heffington to #endHIV

6x GRAMMY Award nominee, and multiplatinum selling artist/songwriter/hitmaker Sia announced a collaboration with the #endHIV Campaign, a project of the Abzyme Research Foundation — a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 to harness the technology already developed to bring an HIV vaccine to human trials, and ultimately to patients. Sia’s newest moving ballad, “Free Me,” will […]


August 10th, 2017