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We want to break HIV and end AIDS.

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We are working on a promising solution to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and now want to turn that potential cure into a reality.

Read about this science 25 years in the making, and how our unique structure makes the most out of your charitable donation. Advancing research today, providing access to those who need it in the future.

Questions & Answers

What your donations will fund.

This campaign is focused on manufacturing the E-vaccine for human clinical trials. ARF feels that fast tracking human clinical trials of its vaccine candidate is the most appropriate and ethical response to the global HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Why is there so much skepticism around developing an effective HIV vaccine?

After 30 years of promises and billions of dollars spent, pessimism exists over the prospects of developing an effective HIV vaccine. Our data argues otherwise, and we are optimistic about the E-vaccine’s potential.

How will #endHIV win over the remaining scientists who are skeptical about the clincial promise of this vaccine?

As we advance our clinical program, #endHIV will directly support several collaborations with top HIV researchers. Our goal is to provide data-driven conclusions proving that the vaccine induces sufficent synthesis of protective antibodies that prohibit development of HIV resistance and control latent HIV resevoirs.

What has been done already?

This vaccine has been developed over the past 25 years with over $15 million in dedicated funding from the National Institutes of Health. The #endHIV team has facilitated initial review from the FDA which we found favorable and provided us clear next steps to move to human trials. Now we need your help to fund the clinical grade manufacturing of the vaccine according to FDA guidelines.

Make HIV History

Giving even a small amount has a tremendous impact.

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One pill a day is one too many.

Globally, access to HIV drugs is the biggest determinent of an HIV+ person’s health, and their ability to tranmit the virus to others. Currently, only 37% of HIV+ people have access to daily treatment. Our vaccine is designed to teach the body’s own immune system to permanently disable the virus.

We don’t just want to treat HIV, we want to cure HIV.

Today’s conventional view is that lifelong, daily treatment for HIV+ people is the last frontier in the global war on HIV/AIDS. We think more should be done to address this challenge, and our disruptive vaccine is intended to provide a functional cure. #endHIV challenges how academia, pharmaceutical companies, and charities work together to test innovative cure approaches.

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Help Us Make HIV History

Giving even a small amount has a tremendous impact.

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