We've designed our E-Vaccine to teach the body's own immunity how it can destroy the virus permanently.

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How our HIV Vaccine Works

HIV is difficult to treat and vaccinate against because it is constantly mutating, changing faster than the antibodies our body produces to fight it.

Dr. Sudhir Paul has invented an E-Vaccine that allows the immune system to attack a mostly unchangeable and thus vulnerable part of HIV.

Because of its electronically activated structure, the E-Vaccine programs the body’s immune cells to produce new types of antibodies: irreversible antibodies that bind HIV permanently, and catalytic antibodies – or abzymes – that destroy the virus coat.
Both irreversible antibodies and abzymes attack the mostly immutable part of the virus, thus prevent HIV from infecting white blood cells and replicating further.
Both irreversible antibodies and abzymes improve immune protection, an irreversible antibody because of its virtually 'infinite' binding affinity for the target, and an abzyme because it is cycled again and again to break many targets.
What's an ABZYME? What's an irreversible antibody?

An abzyme is an antibody produced by the body's immune cells that catalyzes target protein destruction. An irreversible antibody, a molecular cousin of the abzyme, is a 'very sticky' antibody that does not release the target after binding the target.

The Benefits of a Vaccine

Vaccination is the best, low-cost way to accomplish eradication of infectious microbes. Vaccines have been used since the 18th century to save millions and millions of lives.

Our E-Vaccine activates the body’s own immune healing and preventative powers. It has the potential to prevent and cure HIV/AIDS, alone or in combination with available HIV drugs.

The Inventor

Sudir Paul, Ph.D.

Dr. Paul's group has received about $25 million in NIH basic research funding from the National Institutes of Health, and has a distinguished research career in which he published over 175 science journal articles and books. He is currently a professor at UTHealth. He started Covalent Bioscience, our for profit start-up partner, with the hope of applying his E-vaccine and abzyme technologies for low-cost, more effective disease treatment, including disease treatment in the economically disadvantaged segments of society.

Chief FDA Regulatory Specialist

Ellen Cooper, M.D., MPH

Dr. Ellen Cooper was the first Director of the Antiviral Drugs Division for the FDA as well as the former Vice President of the Department of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at ARF. She is instrumental in moving our E-Vaccine towards a Phase I Human Trial.

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