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June 5th Marks the HIV/AIDS Anniversary

Hostage: Narrated by JULIANNE MOORE. #endHIV

Today is the 35th anniversary of HIV/AIDS.  We mark this occasion with a beautiful work of art by Julianne Moore, Ryan Heffington, Lucian Piane, and Blake Martin. HOSTAGE takes viewers inside the battle between HIV and the immune system, and then shows how a new E-Vaccine may be the solution to #endHIV. Would you COPY/PASTE […]

June 5th, 2016

Interview With Our Treasurer, Nicholas Smith

Q: Nick, as an investment banker and a trained accountant you are obviously qualified to serve as board Treasurer, but can you share why you chose to serve on the ARF board? When I first learned of the work that Zach and the ARF were doing I was immediately intrigued for two reasons: (i) its […]

June 4th, 2016

Your donation will fund two vital steps before human trials:

First, manufacturing our E-vaccine at scale; second, the final
proposal process for FDA approval of human trials.


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