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  • Explore ARF’s First White Paper


    In a recent article in Science, Dr. Anthony Fauci did a great job outlining the core struggles hampering the search for an effective HIV vaccine. One of the biggest challenges is determining the correct allocation of research funding between basic science research (to better understand the immune system, the virus, and the interaction between the two) and

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  • Our 2014 #ENDHIV Campaign Has Been Fully Funded

    100_percentIt is my great pleasure to report that our 2014 End Of Year Campaign to #ENDHIV has been fully funded.  All $65,000 is going directly to UT Houston Medical Center to support Dr. Sudhir Paul’s lab, as they prepare their potential HIV cure for commercial manufacturing.
    2014 was a great year for us:

    1. FDA Approval Process Started for Dr.

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  • How Our 2014 End Of Year Campaign Funds Will Be Spent

    When donating to charity, one of the most important questions people have is “How will my donations be spent?”

    SUDHIR_PAULHere at Abzyme Research Foundation we aim to provide as much transparency as possible. With each fundraising campaign we explicitly state our goals, and what we aim to do with the funds raised.  This year is no different.

    One of the most costly

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