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HIV is difficult to treat and vaccinate against because it is constantly mutating, changing faster than the antibodies our bodies produce to fight it. Dr. Sudhir Paul has invented an E-vaccine that allows the immune system to identify and attack a mostly unchangeable part of the virus, making it vulnerable.

Catalyzed antibodies – or abzymes – are activated by our E-Vaccine’s unique electric charge; this enables the abzymes to search for HIV in the bloodstream.
The abzymes attack a critical part of the virus that is mostly immutable; they prevent HIV from destroying white blood cells and replicating.
Abzymes are mutli-use. After breaking the harmful binding protein on one unit of HIV, a single abzyme can go on to neutralize up to 2000 other HIV molecules.

icon-abzymeABZYME: an antibody within each of us that expresses catalytic activity. A single molecule of an antibody-enzyme, or abzyme, is capable of catalyzing the destruction of thousands of target molecules.


Traditional vaccines have failed to teach the body to destroy HIV. This animation shows how Dr. Paul’s E-Vaccine is different. For a more in-depth explanation, read our White Paper.



Vaccination is the most reliable and universal approach for ending HIV among both HIV-positive and HIV-negative populations.


icons-lt-bulbOur E-Vaccine illuminates and activates the healing power within us by giving our catalyzed abzymes the ability to seek, destroy, and protect us from HIV.

icons-positiveThe E-Vaccine may offer immunotherapy for HIV-positive individuals; the activated abzymes neutralize HIV and prevent them from replicating, destroying white blood cells, and causing further damage.

icons-negativeHIV-Negative individuals may also benefit from the E-Vaccine, because — like other vaccines — it activates the body’s ability to identify and attack HIV if it appears in the blood stream. This prevents it from causing harm.

icons-everyoneBecause abzymes exist in each of us, we can each contribute to the victory over HIV by catalyzing our individual potential to prevent and protect us all.



Dr. Paul's group has received about $25 million in NIH basic research funding from the National Institutes of Health, and Dr. Paul has a distinguished research career in which he published over 160 science journal articles and books. He is currently a professor at UTHealth and started Covalent Bioscience, our for-profit start-up partner, with the hope of maing this vaccine accessible for economically disadvantaged segments of society.


Dr. Ellen Cooper was the first Director of the Antiviral Drugs Division for the FDA, as well as the former Vice President of the Department of Clinical Research and Information at the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR). She is the Director of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at ARF and steers the effort to move our E-Vaccine towards a Phase I Human Trial.


Abzyme Research Foundation

Antibodies to a superantigenic glycoprotein 120 epitope as the basis for developing an HIV vaccine.

Abzyme Research Foundation

Cross-clade HIV-1 neutralization by an antibody fragment from a lupus phage display library (AIDS).

Abzyme Research Foundation

Structure of an HIV gp120 envelope glycoprotein in complex with the CD4 receptor and a neutralizing human antibody (Nature).

Abzyme Research Foundation

Identification of individual human immunodeficiency virus type 1 gp120 amino acids important for CD4 receptor binding (J Virol)

Abzyme Research Foundation

Neutralization of genetically diverse HIV-1 strains by IgA antibodies to the gp120-CD4-binding site from long-term survivors of HIV infection (AIDS).

Abzyme Research Foundation Abzyme Research Foundation

Your donation will fund two vital
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First, manufacturing our E-vaccine at scale; second, the final
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