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Interview With Our Treasurer, Nicholas Smith

June 4th, 2016

news-smith-nicholasQ: Nick, as an investment banker and a trained accountant you are obviously qualified to serve as board Treasurer, but can you share why you chose to serve on the ARF board?

When I first learned of the work that Zach and the ARF were doing I was immediately intrigued for two reasons: (i) its unique fund raising model and (ii) the incredible cause and mission it represents.

With a financial background and skill set I was excited to bring my experience to bear in helping the ARF implement its vision and move toward successfully finding a cure and vaccine for HIV.

Q: Many people choose to work with charities focused on HIV because experiences in their lives, or the lives of people close to them. Would you say the same applies to you?

Absolutely. I have several friends living with HIV and I feel honoured that my actions will help support an organisation seeking to achieve a vision to address this crippling virus.

I am also acutely aware of the impact the ARF’s research could have on the virus globally and how incredible it would be to deliver a low cost solution for underprivileged men and women who are unable to afford the preventative care and treatments for HIV that certain people currently have access to – this would be truly amazing.

Q: What professional skill that you have developed in your career are you most excited to repurpose in your board service?

Having spent my career advising and supporting companies with a number of their critical corporate finance decisions I look forward to helping the ARF manage its key financial policies and decisions in my role as Treasurer.

Financial rigour and discipline are key to any corporation’s success and I hope to bring these attributes to assist the ARF in delivering on its mission.

Q: After your first board meeting, what are you most excited to develop with the rest of the ARF board?

It was incredibly exciting to witness the passion amongst the boardroom in its deliberation and discussion around key issues and decisions that the ARF faces.

I look forward to bringing the ARF’s mission to life and working with my fellow board members in establishing a consistent message around the ARF’s focus and near-term goals and ultimately working toward a worldwide cure for HIV.

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